Silent Hill. the review?

spoiler alert - only read this if you have watched Silent Hill or you don't realy want to watch it*

It's now 2.43 am and I'm alone in my room with the only lights is from my PC monitor. Yeah people say it will hurt my eyes, and I think they kinda right because I think theres something wrong with my eyes this couple of days. But what better situation can I be in to watch the movie, Silent Hill.

Yeah I just finished watching Silent Hill and I can't realy sleep. It's not because I'm scared, yet i confess that this movie kinda creepy, but its because the ending gives too much answer that I need to compile, and I need to calm myself after I realize that half of the movie accured when the main character was actually dead, or at least that is my conclusion at the end of the movie.

Silent Hill. It's actually a game that i have played, yet I've never finished, because I get stuck and if I remember correctly, I cant find the key to open a door. And I don't remember why I havent played it since. Yeah this movie is not realy new, but I just got the chance to watch it. It's a DVD copy and yeah, the picture is good.

The Silent Hill movie starts with a woman (the main character), which I already forgot her name because I don't actualy care to remember, who have this adopted daughter. The daughter was having some sort of mental illness with the flash back of places, and pictures that she drew but she don't even remember it. And this Silent Hill was a place the woman heard from one of her daughters "dream" and decided that she would bring her there with the hope that the daughter would be cured.

As I looked back at what I'm writing so far, I said to myself,

"what the heck am I doing, am I making some sort of movie sinopsis now?"

And as my sanity came back, I will go straight to what am I realy thingking to write about.

The Movie kicks off when they were chased by a police woman while driving to Silent Hill at night. I don't know why they reached there at night but this is supposed to be a scary movie, so night gives better mood. They got into some sort of accident because the woman think that she sees someone was crossing the road. The car crashed and she passed out. When she wakes up, the place is bright with white ashes covering the whole place. I though it was snowing at first but it was ashes, covering the whole street, and the town I guess. Her daughter was missing, so of course she freakout and went to the town looking for her.

After one creepy/suspense scene after another she follows the lead of a child glimps that look like her daughter. And with the police woman that was chasing her before, they search the town and met the town folks that lives in hiding and seek asylum in a curch lead by this women in blue dress, that as you would guessed it, I forgot her name too. They were afraid of the darkness that will consumed the whole city at times as if the day changed to night, and the only save place was the curch.

As the movie goes on, it turns out that the town folks was in some kind of cult that"purifies" evil by burning "the dirty ones"/witch which they last victim, I think it's the last, was this little girl but the "purifying" went wrong as they had an accident and burned the whole place.

In the end, The whole town was actually under the wrath of child who seek revenge on those who burned her, and so, the darkness was the good guy as she help the woman and her daughter while the town folks want to burn the daughter. With the help of the woman, the darkness penetrates the curch and the ghost kill all the town folks.

The woman and the daughter was safe and they heard home. At this point I notice something wierd as when she reached her house, the place was still covered with white ashes. they walk into her house and, heck, they're like in some sort of dimention that is diferent with the real world as they can't see the woman's husband and he can't see them.

So I came to this conclusion that they were already dead after the accident in the begining of the story. And I am amazed how I've been fooled by the movie, so i've wrote this long crap to ease myself. Well at least I like the fact that in this movie, the dark is the good one, and those who seems good were the bad ones. Oh I love contradictions

So i've you haven't seen this movie I would suggest that you watch it and I'm sorry for spoiling the "fun" for you... Adios...

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