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As most of my friend know, I am really in to gaming and currently I'm more to relaxed, graphic less, browser based game. What games have I played? The one that really get me into browser based gaming is Starkingdoms which is really addictive and I warn you, never get into this game if waking up 3am in the morning to check your account is weird for you. Then there are similar games like New War Era, Darkthrone, Travian and many more. But the only one I'm actively playing now is Sokker Manager.

What is Sokker Manager? Yes, as the name suggest, it is a soccer manager game. It is online so there are wide world player in it divided by countries they live in. I've started playing because some of my friends playing and maybe I'm bored at that time.

How sokker differs from other online soccer manager? Personally I cannot elaborate on this thoroughly because I have only played the old version of Hattrick. Compared to old version of Hattrick as I haven't played the new one, Sokker is more technically challenging. This is because the skill setup isn't only consist of what formation to play, what position player will play what tactic will be played. It go deeper where we can set position of each player when the balls in any part of the field. So you can actually experiment with any weird tactic you can think off. You can also set how long one player will stay in the field even if its not injured.

The other thing I like about Sokker is that you can actually see the match been played. Its flash based play is really important to see how our tactic actually been played in the field with the constrain of the players. Some with high pace will run faster, the one with more stamina will be useful longer and so on.

In sokker there are also NT and U21 team which is combination of best player in each country playing under coaches democratically chosen by vote every season. Here, each team will have matches with each other like a real world cup is played.

Overall this is a good browser based game / soccer manager game and I personally recommend this to gamer who are also soccer enthusiast.

So why don't you register now, all you need us a browser with flash player plugin, an email account and the patience to wait because it can take some time. And if you have a team in sokker, contact me, we can change ideas or maybe you can teach me some tactics eh?

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CH said...

Good article about Sokker :)

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