newlayout... greenday + blink 182

Yeah, finished the layout, but not the side bar.... and as always, I don't realy have the will to finished those "small" stuff (I was thinking of abandoning this). The Layout features blink 182's The Greatest Hit logo and Greenday's American Idiot fused together. Yeah I realy like the both... I have been listening to greenday since middle school, form 2/3 I think. I realy liked warning back then. Now I just like them all. Greenday is the one whos kinda show me the door to a more loud kind of music.

Blink 182... This band is the first band I realy "in to". I know all the lyric from their album "Take Of Ur Pants And Jacket". I can even murmured them in sleep (according to my friends). My first fav song from blink 182 is "All The Small Thing" I dont know why but i think that song is catchy. Yet the first album I bought is the "Take of Ur Pants And Jacket" ones. Yeah their lyric is kinda explicit, so what, I kinda like it. I even sing the F* or S* once out loud even the original cassette silence them :). I kinda like their lyric coz the sound like true, say all you want, don't care about any kinda thing and i realy like that kind of music. But now, they have break up and make 2 new bands. Now I'm just going to listen to them both. Haha...

And now with this layout finished, I might abandon this and find something else (or maybe not, I donno). I dont realy have anything intresting in real life to blog about, mayble I'll just merapu around once a while. adiosss...... :)

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