Plus 44 - When Your Heart Stop Beating...

Former blink-182 co-founders Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have reunited under the aegis of a new band, (+44), and will release their much anticipated album, When Your Heart Stops Beating on Interscope Records. The album is produced byHoppus and Barker and executive produced by long-time blink-182 producer Jerry Finn.

Recruited for their new journey as (+44) – pronounced “Plus 44” – Shane Gallagher (The Nervous Return) and Craig Fairbaugh (Transplants, The Forgotten, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards) join singer-bassist Hoppus and drummer-keyboardist Barker and pick up where the popular, multi-platinum-selling band blink-182 left off after splitting in late 2004. “We were twothirds of blink-182, so we’re not afraid of sounding like ourselves,” says Hoppus. “We’re not divorcing ourselves from the past, but we are pushing beyond the past. We’re progressing like musicians should.” Barker agrees: “Mark and I have a natural chemistry after playing together for so long and it’s only gotten stronger. This band is a continuation of blink-182 but it’s also different. For a long time, blink-182 was an underdog. I like being the underdog again.”
At last, blink 182, they are back... well atleast 2/3 of them. And I'm liking the first +44 ablum...

I just got their album that should be released on 14.november.2006 and im listening to them now. Internet is trully a world without boundaries. What can I say, they are blink 182, my all time favourite band. They sound alot like former blink, they still got blink's drum, and they've add 2 other people that I dont realy know. :P
So you think you've been through it all
But I can't help but wonder now
Yesterday i found my worst regret
I'll hide it away so no one ever knows "
+44, what is +44. What does that mean. Is it some cool code for them, a code that bear meaning to the band? And knowing what +44, I'm liking them even more. +44 is actualy the international dialing code for United Kingdom, a place where they discussed about this project. A dialing Code? If They were in Malaysia, their band name would be +60. The name, seems like carelessly pick, its like they don't even care, saying that "they'll do what ever they want" kinda stuff.

Their album would be out on 14 november, maybe I'll buy them, if my budget for other stuff is enough. :P

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