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Hmm... I just formated My PC. Not because it broke down or anything, I'm just pissed off because it's beeing a b*t*h. It's too slow too load, shut down, or open any programs. Even the internet slows down. So, without much thingking, I just re format it. I always arrange my file so my pc can ready to be formated any time. The only things that bugging me now is i have to set it up again so i can use it like before. The first thing I would search is of course the fire fox addon.

And while I was browsing for addons, looking for those that I use to have, I stumbled upon this Performancing addon.

Performancing is a full-featured blog editor that sits right in your Firefox browser and lets you post to your blog easily. You can drag and drop formatted content, including images, from the page you are browsing and take notes as well as post to your blog.

Yup, It's a blogging software, and here I am writing this post using it. It's realy easy to setup and only takes less than a minute if you already have blog. It support all type of blog. Well I haven't check it all to see what it support or not but if this post is published, it is compatible with blogspot.

What can I say while using this? Hmm... Well It's quite easy to use. I thing most frequent blogger would love this as he/she would only have to click on a small tab bellow firefox browser and she can edit or make new post just like that no need to log in blogger. It could atleast save some time. Well then I'm not in the mood to write anything else so i would just stop here (its only a test). I would add a screenshot by my new window installation dosn't have paint. Uhuk...

powered by performancing firefox

Pelawak Durja

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vexedprob said...

I hate The "Powered By" credits at the bottom. :P

and im not using it anymore. I'm just testing it anyway...