Keep Living Until You Really Die

I'm here again for some update. The title is just something random that comes to my mind and has noting to do with this post. :)

So, Whats happening to me now?

Actually, since about 5 month ago, I have been working as the person who 'helps' Malaysian (and maybe others) in dealing with our lovable (not) ISP. I don't want to bash or moan about the ISP as it would feel like spitting to the sky.

About my REVIVAL PROJECT, it has to be abandoned as the processor and the mainboard is no longer usable. So I just bought a new system, decent but not enough. Its an AMD AM2 5200 with a gigabyte mainboard. The graphic is still onboard so its not something to brag about.Maybe I'll be 'crazy' enough to buy a 2900 eh?

I still don't know when will I really be in to this blogging thinggi. Its seems as I'll only write something when I'm bored on the net, which is something that rarely happen.

Oh by the way, I'm still on leave. Its been a month and I'm very tired doing nothing. hehe... Actually, I had an accident and I broke my left arm. Its nothing but I can't use my left hand the whole month. Its really make me feel how its hard not to have both hand. hm...

Keep Living Until You Really Die - This phrase isn't anything like a death wish or something like that. Its in my 'Cor2upted Words' list, something I made up a long time ago. It just simply mean never give up.

Ah, ok then, I'm of to sleep. Till next time I'm bored, chiau.....

Pelawak Durja

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