Love – It’s Just Stabbing a Torn through Your heart

Actually this thing is written by me long time ago. While cleaning unnecessary things in my hdd, I found it. I cant remember why I wrote it, but I'm sure that I wrote it cause its write protected.

Love – It’s Just Stabbing a Torn through Your heart

LOVE, A four letter words that people say mystical. Heck with it, Love Is Pain.
Love is just like stabbing a torn through your heart. But still everyone's doing it. To be in love is to take another person as you. To acknowledge, to care, to ‘be with’ everyday, to take the other person’s though as yours, which might be contradict with what you are and it is kinda vexing. Yet Humans are coping, cause its worth it.

Yes, Love is like having a torn in you heart. That is why we wont just let anyone stab it. We humans will make sure that we have the right novacaine, which is just right for us. To make sure it is strong enough for us to bare the pain not too strong or we won’t feel the joyful pain.

Cor2upting will be continued….

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wonder what happen back then... Hmm...

Pelawak Durja

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