012 is now celcom.

Hmm... What a miss leading statement.

If you are Malaysian, and you watch TV, you would stumble upon the advert. The one with Harith with multiple act, saying other number is now Celcom's

Well of course the first impression would be, what? has Celcom bought other telco? but seeing that would be impossible, and unethical, I snoop around.

The real thing is that you can now switch to any telco, Maxis, Celcom, or Digi without changing your number. So now 012 can be Maxis, Digi or Celcom. Hmm... intresting.

So now, I assume the war is on for the Telcos to fish others customers with their seamly 'WOW' offer. But belive me, read the fine print carefully before making your decision.

The pros is see with this is that now we will see some intresting offer, adds form them, trying to get our attention. Be aware of their tricks though. They will bend ethic for this. The TV add is an example. Too tricky. With Celcome leading The TV add, and ocasionally Diqi cartoon adds, expect more form them and Maxis's.

But there is some thing I wonder. How about other promos before this, like active 5, free sms between same telco, call rates, How would it be? How can we know our friends is using what line? Is this another trick? or it will be flat rate to all. Lets see...

Pelawak Durja

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