Random Rambling about life...

Its been almost a month I slowed my life pace, doing what I like, throwing what I hate, and stop cursing life like I always do. Of course there are some price I paid for this but heck, who cares?

My past life is so hectic that I forgot to think about the wonderful world we live in and how there are more to life than money and frayed happiness. This life of having to force "HAPPY" upon self to avoid going crazier is and hopefully gone forever. It is not that I really hate that life, but the surrounding had changed me into what I'm not and my ego suffers. I can live that life and survive, but I will not be me, or worse, I will be what I hate.

Given the opportunity to reset my life, I create another partition in my personality and dump all old corrupted self into it and keeps only the necessary system configuration for me to reinstall me back. I load a few of my old self in it, and hope that the corrupted personality is not stuck in the root kit of my system.

I'm now living a slow life, mostly because I want it to be slow, and some because I have to make it slow for the new me to adept to this environment. I know I can't bring my life to when before it was corrupted but at least I can create a life I want to live on. All the scars of pass life, all the bad sector in the drive, hopefully have been contained and not spread to other sectors.

It is all good now taking my time to see the world again. I can now resolve to new ideas, new meaning, taking my time to reinstall all the programs back slowly without burdening the processor, avoiding over heating and avoiding crashes. Every now and then, the slow paced life allows me to defrag all the fragment of programs, bundle them up together,re analyze the importance and give priority where its due. I know there will never be a perfect system, but at least I can know whats gone wrong and to hope that I can rectify it as soon as possible

Pelawak Durja

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