When The Joker was the joke, The Trickster was tricked, The Prankster was pranked.

If you ever have a friend who always joked, played tricks and love pranks, you might love being near him as he always bring laughter around him. You might see him as joyous person with no problems in his mind.

But have u ever realize that he can make you laugh with a straight face and he rarely laugh without you laughing? He seems to be the source of laughter and if he is that good, he might know vast amount of tricks, jokes, and pranks. The agony of being the joker is that its hard to make him really laugh.

If you ever see him laugh, try to stop and see his laugh. Is he really laughing or is he just laughing at your laugh?

As far as his personality shows, it is actually hard for a joker to be amused by others jokes. But if he find one that can make him really laugh, it would be very meaningful to him, something hard to come by.

So, if a joker finds something that can make he feel out of ths world, laughing without laughing, being happy without showing, he most probably won't let it go.

Every time you stumble upon these jokers, try to make some effort joking around, so that they can believe that this world still resolve on "what you give, you get back", better, or worse.

Pelawak Durja

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