This Suck...

I'm trying to get wordpress running on a free webhost, I'm currently trying to install it on and both of them fails...

Man, they said they support PHP and mySQL and im such a noob that i cant realy get them working. I dont know why but both install.php page came out blank. I've Change the config file as in the how to but its not working.

Man... this realy suck.. Im currently begging for a for a space in and i hope it will work there. Or maybe i would have enough post to be on I don't know, I dont think my post realy count there, all I do Is SPAM... I realy love Spamming... :P

The host info said it use PHP 4.3 but in the phpmyadmin page said
"you should update up PHP version to 4.2 or higher"...

F*ck, Wordpress need 4.2 to run. Man I was just trying to learn here, do i have to pay for hosting to learn???? Warghh....................... (I'm such a noob)

man i need to find myself a master with this web thinngi...
To Follow The Path
Look For A Master
Follow The Master
Walk With The Master
Become The Master

I think this is what Zen said...

Pelawak Durja

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