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Ok, here is a story...

Yesterday, when I was talking with my friend online, He (yes, a man), was saying about how beautiful a girl next to him (that he doesn't know) and I said (joking) that I will report it to his girl and send him the screenshot of my YM. He knows its a joke so he doesn't really care but he asked me how did I do the screenshot. So I guide him doing so and I notice even how simple thing is, there might be someone who don't know it. So I'm doing this tips just because I want to (or because I don't have anything better to do with this blog)

Step 1

Make sure the window that you want to Print Screen is active or in front of other windows.

Step 2

Press "Alt + Print Screen" on your keyboard. Some laptop may label it as "PrtSc". Press only the "Print Screen" button if you want the screenshot of the whole desktop

Step 3

Open your Image Editor, here I would use something that almost every Windows OS have, Microsoft Paint. It should be under Start > All Program >Accessories > Paint in Windows XP.

Step 4

Now in Paint, click edit > paste

Now the window that you want should be in the paint work area.

Step 5

Save it by clicking file > save and chose the type as JPG/JPEG to keep the file small. And You're done!!!

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