I want a Shuffle...

Its been a long time since I'm craving to have something (I'm cheap), and even longer since I last wanted to buy something that is not a part of my Sempron PC, but, maybe because I dong bring my 'Precious' here, now I really wanted an iPod Shuffle badly.

Why I want one?

I usually did not subdue to my lust, I have to admit that this is quite difficult to suppress. The main reason why I want one is because my ears haven't heard a high quality audio device for quite some times. Listening music through my N-gage or this cheap computer speaker just5 doesn't cut it. I miss my loud thumping, low vibration bass from my ATP 3 back home. Yes ATP 3 is considered 'antic' now but it has been with me, satisfying me since 1999.

So for now, I need a quick and practical replacement for it and my eyes just caught a glimpse of a Shuffle some where before and were hooked by it. Its is very-very small, and the sound is quite reasonable (but the price doesn't). I hate to own any bulky device as my N-gage is bulky enough for my pockets to hold. I hate to be constrained by the thing I wear (thats why I hate Jeans). So, Shuffle is very intriguing as I can literally clip it anywhere with only the ear-phones wires to worry about.

Now, iPod Shuffle is on top of my wanted list but I need to conserved my money for a while as I cant quite calculate my monthly budget yet. Maybe in another month or two. :(

* the other thing in my WANTED LIST * (not in order)

- A new PC ( Maybe a AM2 dual core with some decent PCI-e graphic card and a gig of ram)
- A SLR Digicam (maybe not in the near future)
- A PS3/PSP/XBox360 ( I can't make my mind yet)
- A... I don't know, I don't really want any of this. Its just that it would maker me a bit happier if I have them.

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