Revival Project - The Ingredient

Okey, This is continuation of my soon to be scraped project (as I don't thing the motherboard is still usable), but heck, it good to overuse my limited free time.

So this is the essential things for a PC that I manage to bring in from Kelantan to KL in my bag pack. Its all is scraped from my old unusable PC and some of it is my spare parts that I own (some of it).

The Motherboard

This actually kinda pathetic to be using this if u declare yourself as a high end computer computer user or a pro PC gamer, but its ok if u declare yourself as a Lobug (Low Budget Geek). Well its kinda a privilege to be having this antique if its still running as long as its NOT your main PC.

It is a Intel mainboard socket 370 with a plug and play processor slot. But the problem is for this revival project is that last time (as I remember it), this mainboard is no longer usable and thats the reason the PC was sent to the storage room.

The Processor

This Is the Processor for the device, the brain of it, and yeah, I secure it on the board using cable ties. Its a plug and play processor and I haven't been able to separate the processor from the board and I event think that it is inseparable. It is a Celeron 500mhz which you might laugh at its capabilities but believe it or not, I'm running on Window XP the last time this PC is running and its still usable for normal use and by normal I mean watching a DVD movies, Watching TVs, Playing Old games, and even PSone emulator. This is also the one that is suspected faulty for now.


The R.A.M is just some old sdram with the memory of 256MB. Suffician for ordinary use.

Graphic Cards

This is a Savage 3d card that came with the pc when i first bought it. its only 8MB and it suck. Still the mother boarde doesnt have onboard Graphic, so this will do for a while.

This is another Graphic card that I have that is actualy my friends. I 'accidently' pack it and brought it here. Hehe... It is a GForce 4 AGP ^$MB with half of the memory gone. It can only run at 32MB

Sound Card

The sound card is not something to be proud of either. Its a AlS4000 from Advance logic System that is not even supported by Window XP. I have to manually download the driver to use this sound card.

Network Card

To tell u the truth, I don't even know how the heck i got this Network Card. When I was checking for my stuff, there it is. So my friends, if this is yours, and you want it back, try asking, MAYBE I'll give it back. :P

TV Card

A PixelView Play TV Pro. Nothing more to add.

Hard Disc

This is a 10GB hardisk that I scraped from an old pc runing on win 95. The pc is no longger usable, if not i might setup DSL on it.

Extra (Just a floppy, a Power Suply and a Fan)

Pelawak Durja

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