Revival Project - Intro

Firstly Selamat Hari Raya to all muslim friends. Its been a very short raya for me this year as I only got 2 off days for raya. But this post isn't about me whining about how I don't have the time to visit my friends during raya, but this is my blunt attempt to 'revive' my old 500mhz intel celeron PC.

I've been working in KL for about 3 month now, and I didn't bring my trustworthy companion here, my Sempron 3000 PC. I was thinking of bringing it here but my sister is using it back home and postponed it for a while. Now I was thinking to buy a new low spec PC for her, or assemble me a PC as powerful as my pocket can give me. So now, I'm waiting for AMD (as rumors I hear) to launch its new desktop processor, The Phenom processors, before I make any decision on what system I'm going to use. That would probably take to the end of this year, so that leave me another 2 month with no PC at my dispatch which is quite intolerable for me.

And then, during raya, I scrap my old PC from my storage room, unassemble it all, and take out all my PC conponent that I have and I realize that I might be able to 'revive' this PC back and I can still use it for the mean time.

So, I pack all of the stuff in my beg, and begins this uncertain REVIVAL PROJECT.

Pelawak Durja

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