Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - An awsome movie from Tim Burton

Yeah, Just because I cant sleep, here come another movie crap.

*spoiler Alert - I'll try to keep it as mild as possible*

Tim Burton, Ever since I've watched 'Nightmare Before Christmas', I have always fond of his work, He seems to be fresh, original (from my eye view) and his movie, if I can say it, felt honest. And when I first see the title of this piece, I got WOW, Tim Burton has gotten a little darker.

This movie kick off on a boat where Todd/Barker was telling(singing) a story to one of the sailor about a barber, which is himself, who got his wife rob from him and how he despised the city they were heading. The feeling of this scene, the beginning, was dark, which goes on throughout the whole movie except for when there is flash back or day dreaming. This contradictory really amuse me, Its seems this movie defies reality, where its is only real in the movie when it not the present.

Todd was actually away from this town because he was out casted by the judge who is the man who unsuccessfully try to rob his wife. When he got back, the building where he had lived before was now a pie shop, The worst Pie In London, Not a very catchy slogan isn't it?

The story continues with Tod's plan for revenge, To get even with The Judge who now adopt Todd's daughter as his own.

Another scene that got my attention is when he first got his silver razors, Where at the end of the song he said, "At last, my arm is complete again...." He is too psico, even in my eyes.

Then there was this scene, where I was confused, am I seeing a scene from 'Harry Porter' or what? There is This Severus Snape (The Judge) going all mental with the sailor who was hypnotized by her adopted daughter and with Peter Pettigrew as his minions. I somehow laugh at the similarity of the characters with 'Harry Porter' movies.

This story goes on with Todd, opening a barber on top of the Pie shop, where he somehow got a chance to kill the Judge but somehow disturbed. Regretting the chance for payback, he goes crazy and went killing all of his unimportant, unnoticed customers, where the bodies now become the filling ingredient replacing the cat meat for the pie at the pie shop run by a quit lunatic admirer of barker. Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett, they really make a lovely couple. I actually hoped that at the end , Mr Tod Would actually forgive her and they lived happily ever after. But, even if it doesn't happened, I really like the ending.

There is something that scares me throughout this movie, its not the movie, but how my instinct turns out to be true.
It happent just before Todd got another chance at The Judge Throat, Killed a begger who notice something peculiarly evil about the pie shop and come spying at the barber. Just after she warn Todd about the evil owner of the pie shop, who she didn't realize that is actually nicer than TOdd, She said "Hey don't I know you, mister?"And as Todd was slicing her throat, I goes "She is the WIFE!!!!", and when at the end, when Todd realize that she was his wife, I was shocked how my instinct were true. And I was thinking to my self, " Am I that corrupted? Wanting fot it to be that way, for the man to kill the wife he was avenging? And I was thinking, If that is not a shock to me... What is?

Overall this is a good movie for me as, some of my friend and some critics that I heard saying how stupid this movie was with the song speaking. ITS A MUSICAL MOVIE YOU MORON!!!!

And if you like 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and/or 'Corpse Bride' you might love this movie.

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