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Let us be like the children playing in the sand, only thinking on how to make sure the sand castle wont crumble... (16Aug09)

There is a thing that I don't really cared before... but why the heck am I doing trying now? Its like the past me is laughing at the present me now... (15Aug09)

If I were to be cursed into a monster, I would chose to be The King Kong... (15Aug09)

Pain is somewhat pleasurable if enjoyed carefully, but please be it physically... (13Aug09)

If I leave, I would ask will you be safe from others?, but if I stay, there a an even more disturbing question, will you be safe from me? (12Aug09)

Kalau kau tanya bintang berapa tinggi langit itu... akan aku cakap... "ko giler ke aper??? bintang mana bleh bercakap..." (11Aug09) <-- METAPHOR?

If I have to compensate something, I choose for me what others can't see... (8Aug09)

I hear RING!!! all the time, but I no longer tied by the BELL... (5Aug09)

What if I'm curious of whats under your shirt? Should I be in despair or grab it and pay the consequences? (5Aug09)

If i'm going to sell my soul... how much would it be? (4Aug09)

If I say its black its, its black event if it really is white... and you will have a hard time proving I'm wrong... (4Aug09)

People say I don't lie, its not because i didn't lie, but they never caught me lying (2Aug09)

LUST VS EGO - Who will prevail? Will EGO rule over LUST? Or will EGO crumble like most people want? (29July09)

When you are sad, laugh. When you are happy, cry... And people will say you are CRAZY... (28July09)

There will always be 2 sides of everything (23July09)

Orang cakap "Curiosity killed the cat", aku cakap "lebih baik mati nak tau dari hidup tak tau apa-apa..." (21July09)

Keep smiling even if you dont realy have to... (15July09)

Kalau aku cakap 1+1=13 mesti orang cakap aku gila.tapi kalo Einstein cakap e=mc² orang percaya plak.huh.... (15July09)

Berjalan atas titi, biarlah aku jatuh, biar lah aku basah. Balik nanti tetap aku akan mandi... (13July09)

What if I say I would like to see you naked? (12July09)

so i might fall on the slippery times ahead (26Jun09)

Ketawalah untuk aku walau kau lihat aku menangis. Kerana tawa mu ubat yang paling baik untuk aku. (24May09)

Being Dead Is Probably The Best Thing For Me Now, But Killing Myself Would Be The Worse Thing I could Do To My Pride. (12May09)

Setting up C4 for my doom. Who wants to hold the detonator? (8Mar09)
Word of wisdom from a friend
Ryan Plissken : We men talk 90% metaphors, 10% crap.

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