A lonely night, and I feel like bloging

The time on the taskbar is showing 12:17 am. I am at my uncle's house, alone, companied by a 3G broadband powered acer Aspire laptop in front of me and a secondhand tv box on my right side showing 'nightline'. I am out on the balcony, if I can really call it , as here, I got a tv set and a Sony stereo. and of cource is the place I would rest my body later in the morning, when I'm feeling like it. It is raining lightly, and the night breeze is really refreshing, but I better remember to light the mosquito coil or I'll be scratching when I wakes up.

I am actually have no idea what to do on the net as I am not online as frequently as I use to, so I'm quite lost now. What should I look for, What should I do, What???

The utorrent is of course on downloading 2 Korean comedy movies, 'I am a cyborg, but thats okay' and 'To catch a virgin ghost', which I'm hoping to get a good laugh later. I really like comedy movies thats out of the ordinary and I really need some laugh now.

My IM client, Yahoo Messenger and Skype is on but I am currently on invisible mode. Don't feel like talking to anyone tonight. Maybe later...

The Nightline is over and I'm watching 'Dr Doolittle 2'... :)

Pelawak Durja

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