I'm here again, and some Movies crap

Yep, I am here again, third night alone at my uncle's. It just stop raining and I can't get out before. I'm now in front of this loyal laptop who has been with me this pass few days, with a cup of teh o panas and the radio is playing a song that I have never heard before.

I have finished watching Sissily 2km (to catch a virgin ghost) in the afternoon and the the other movie I am downloading isn't finished yet. The internet line is being gay giving only 3/4kbps of download even when I am connected to local tracker. I should at least get 40kbps of downloads. Maybe I would have to wait another 2 days to watch 'I'm a cyborg, but I'm okay'.

Actually, there are a few movies I'm currently waiting. They are at least Spiderman 3, Transformers and Shrek 3.

Spiderman 3. I can't wait for this sequel because it got the symbiote. The slimy alienated black oily thingi that tries to controls spiderman but fails. It is my favorite villain character in Spiderman when it merge with a killer, Cletus Kasady and became Carnage. Yes 1 carnaging alien + 1 murder=1 funny/cruel/cool villant. I am really hoping that there is a glimpse of him after corrupting Spiderman and Venom. I also fond of the high flying son of the green goblin (got to love the glider).

Carnage... I don't realy know why I like him

Transformers. I can safely say that most boys my age once watched and loved Transformers. Of course back then, The morphing truck is something cool. We never though that we could see it in live action though, CG is really great, I don't even know what is CG back then. So, I am hoping this adult (not in a dirty way) version of transformers can really makes it. As I seen in the trailers, The Human friend of transformers were all grown up (i think) and I am really disappointed to see Optimus Prime. The transforming of him seems to 'modern'.

Optimus's conseptual design, I don't like it

There is no longer bulky bodies of a trailer on him, so the sentimental value won't cut it for me to like the movie. Hopefully the story is good or I would be crushed to see my childhood heroes broken.

I like this fanart version of Optimus Prime better

And this is a cool fanart video of my preferable version of Optimus Prime from 3dblasphemy.

Shrek 3. There is not much to say about this movie. I have seen both earlier movies, and I dont know why, but I like them both. Of course I will watch this sequel. Maybe I like A big Ugly Green brute trying to get his women heart. Heh...

And of course there is others, but maybe this is all for tonight (ops.. morning)

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