The Lust Of The Demonic Heart

The Lust Of The Demonic Heart


In The dark forest, a loud thumping sound provoke the peaceful night bringing chaos to the lifeless night. The Sleepy birds scattered around leaving any helpless behind, the fierce beasts cowering in dark places, petrified. This, will be a sleepless night for creatures in the forest.

From the source of the sound, in an opening deep in the dark forest, there was a figure forging a weapon, a figure that even when smiling will make any mortals petrified, forging in the most miserable manners. Near him lay a half cut broad sword. The Sword Of Darkar, the triumph of the Demon Kingdom, the sword that has been legendary, told to once owned by the fiercest Warrior of all, been torn apart to form another kind of weapon, to rewrite the cause, from a deadly weapon, bringing death to all who dare to oppose, to a protector, build to save the life of his love.

At the edge of the forest, a squad of demon knights seems to be barging in on a magical force field surrounding a cottage with the voice of crying baby from the inside. And in there, an old woman with the appearance of a shaman looks worried.

"Oh no, I don't think the force field would hold on much longer."

"what should we do granny?" said another figure, a woman holding her new born baby, trying to stop his cries.

The baby who looks like any ordinary human baby at a glimpse, actually have a pair of red eyes and a pair of little horn on the forehead, characteristic of a demon. It's a taboo, for a human and demon to be having a child, something that no one can ever think, for a heartless demon to to be with a fragile human. But there he is, crying out loud as if he already knew that he is in great danger. He is in fact, not just a son of a demon, but he is the son of the demon prince, grandchild of King Ruth, the demon king who rules over this land of darkness.
Haha... another long lost files I encounter in the PC. The Tag says it was last modified Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 2:58:14 PM. Almost forgot this but this is i think a blunt attempt to use my excess time then. I think there was another updated version of the notepad file but I cant seem to find it. huh...

Pelawak Durja

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