How life had played me well
I have always stayed away from the cliff
But yet, unconsciously, I nearly felled
Being dragged to the edge of the cliff
Clinging on a very thin rope
And hope for it to break
Oh how I wish I would fall

But then, I have been pulled up
Rested near the cliff
Thinking is it worth to fall
Even if the heart would just jump

I have always paranoid of falling
I have always stayed away from the cliff
But why? Why now I want to fall?

Since young, I have seem people falling from cliffs
Some were shallow, They'll climb up again laughing
Some were deep, They'll climb up again bleeding
Some were endless, they are falling happily

But most of the time, the endless cliff were scarce
They were only the shallow cliff which is pointless to fall
And the deep ones, which is I am afraid of the pain
Where will I find the endless one?

How do I know an endless cliff?
Should I just jump a cliff deep enough and hope its endless?
Or should I just stay up the cliff watching people falling?
Or should I wait for someone to drag me and jump with me
To fall with me...

Pelawak Durja

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