Fak Ap...

Some say life is boring,
but all they do is have fun.

Some say life is cheap,
but all they do is selling.

Some say life suck,
but they are having fun.

I'll say, life is life, I play it my own game, I'll steer it my own way.

You cannot change the course,
but you can show me the way when I'm lost.

I'll do what I must,
or at least what I think I must.

Bash it and you're my enemy.
Guide it I'll let you stay.

Life was planed, but we cannot know its way.
The end is one, but the path is many.

I'll chose mine, but please tell me if I'm going backward.

My life is fak up, but I won't trade it with anyone else.

Cause my life is mine, and yours is yours.

Live it as it lays, or change it your way.

Live and die, what else are we here for?

Pelawak Durja

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