Blogger Beta

I have upgrade this blog to blogger beta and I'm liking the widget stuff. Blogger beta realy gives great costumizing ability, that is easy to use. I'm currently playing with those stuff. But the drawback of this version is that I don't know how to integrate my layout to it.

So for now, I have to play with this layout, plain, yet likable. hehe...

For now I have add a shoutbox, and I have rewrite all my post to put labels in it (thank god I didn't make many post yet). And To Think that this page have been on this my pc since this afternoon, I'm thinking maybe I should consider blooging seriusly. Lol... It's kinda fun to write about things and just merapu around.

Well, I'll try to figure out how to make my own layout for this, and untill then I'm going to Cor2upt this layout.

Pelawak Durja

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