Vexing South Park

Thanks To South Park Studio, I am now a South Park Character... Nah...

Actualy, I am currenty looking at layout code that I am currently using and I've opened the layout maker's blog (darrendelaye). And in there I found out about this South Park Character maker and I have just tried it out.

This Should be Me?

The Hair : My hair is messy, but not that long now. (I wish it was)
The Eye : Just plain stuff.
The Mouth : I'm smiling when I'm making this.
The Shirt : I love to wear round neck t-shirt, white is one of my favourite.
The Pants : Just plain.
The Headphone : I like to listen to music.
The sweat: I sweat alot.
The Plaster : I am a careless person. I cut my finger yesterday. :(
The Icecream : Why? Haha... I just love them. :)

Pelawak Durja

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