Argh.... *Layout Pain*

So... I'm currently trying to figure out how to customize my logger layout (finaly) and if anyone viewing now would see that it is kinda suck. Hehe... I made this without anything in mind actually, I just run my Photoshop and just do anything that came in my mind and the last thing I do is the shadow thinggi and so came the header.

I have put in the codes for blogger widget stuff but now I have to figure out how to format the font. I don't know why some of the font (the navigation) goes center while I don't even assign it. My eyes are kinda blury now so I will stop staring at the codes for a while.

This is this page's current view

Well, I actually have another layout for this blog, but i can only use it after I have figure out this widget thinggi... Till then, I will use this temporary one, or I'll make a new one.

Pelawak Durja

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