My Current Layout - Welcome The Light

Wandering around, I just realized that I didn't even introduced my current layout.
- Cor2upted Creation -
Name : Welcome the Light
Designer : vexedprob
Date : 13 Jan 2007
Email :
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I named this layout "Welcome the Light" because this design is too bright on top. Yeah, I don't really know why, but I tend to design my blogger a little contradict with my usual design which is dark and creepy. Well, to tell you the truth, I actually have a couple of darker pre-design I made, but I don't feel like using them. Maybe my blog really welcomes the light.

The "beta" name for this layout was actually "sincall". Why? Because I feel Like it. Hehe... Actually, thats what first came in my mine when I'm saving my html file. Maybe at that time I was actually going for a dark theme. At first I was making a 2 column layout like an ordinary blogger layout but after a few consideration (I seen a cool 1 column blogger layout) I made up my mind to make this a 1 column layout which is actually a popular style used for wordpress theme.

The Header for this layout was actually a photoshopped picture of a coconut tree in front of my house. I picked it, at random when I was browsing for picture tu be use. Its an old pictures, but some how, I see it fit to be the header.

As image I used for my header is mine and I actually code it from scratch, I can proudly announced that all content for this layout (except for the blogger addons), is mine... Hahahahhahaha (Laughing in a very obsessive manners) :P

This layout is not completed yet, and it will never be. I will frequently add anything I want or edit anything I don't like until I am not using this anymore. So expect changes from time to come....

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