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The webhost has been in one of my post a long-long time ago. I have said I would recommend it to those who want a free working webhost that support php and mysql to test and try their site. I said it is best for testing as it has a force google add on top of your page and that can cripple ypur site looks. But I have checked it again and walla they have trashed the google add and now they are a free add-free webhost with some intresting plans.

So just to see if this is worth the time signing in (or I could say I just want to waste some time) of course, I resign-in (my old account still have adds in it).

Ok, first the good thing about this webhost.

They say they'll give you about 100mb-200mb (according to plans you chose) of webspace which is plenty, 20gb-30gb bandwith per month, and bla-bla stuff (see the plans).

They give us 2 sql database which is neat as you can use 1 for your site and another one to dump all your test site database. They gave 20 subdomain which I think I will talk more in the bad stuff about this webhost. Ftp trasfer is also allowed here.

They have automatic installer script deployment tool which is something like fantastico that will automaticly setup cms script to your site. They have the usual cms like php nuke, mambo, xoop, wordpress, coopermine and lots more that I have forgotten and the install is a breeze.

well I dont realy one to write the good things actually... :P So here came...
The Dark side of it..

Okay, the first thing I do is I check the control panel. Well its a little to clowded I see. But It might be a good thing as they offer many service.

Next I try to establish ftp connection and it somehow failed (this might be because my internet connection though). I somehow manage to get connect after a few trial and a few ftp client test.
I don't want to put anything yet so I just look around.

Then I tried using automatic installer script deployment tool and I tried to install wordpress (I don't know why I'm realy intrested with wordpress) and yeah, it only take minutes to work. Even they only serve wordpress 2.0.5 riht now while the latest stable version is 2.0.6, but this can be easyly upgraded via ftp. It save the trouble to ftp all the wordpress file which can take hours (maybe). Wait this is a good things? why is it under the dark side. LOL... beats me. Okay, I dont want to rewrite the post so this auto install thinggi is actually a good thing. But somehow, when I tried to install coopermine, which is a gallery script, it does't work. I dont want to try everything there so I leave it as it is.

The real turn off of this automatic installer script deployment tool is that I can only install it under my main domain which is while it allows us to creat other sob domain with diferent domains (eg. The newly created subdomain will be a new folder in the root directory and I can't actually install those script in here. I tried installing it to the main subdomain(directory) and move it to the other subdomain via its web file manager but gives time-out half way. Well I don't realy know how to bypass this exept to put a redirecting index.html in the new subdomain directory.

Final Words..

Well overall this is still a good FREE webhost if you want to try one, and it doesn't give as much time-outs as Don't take my word on it though, you should try it both...

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