A Free Webhost and A Wordpress Site

Yesterday, I got nothing to do and out of boredome I crawl about some free webhost. The other webhost with php support that I have stumbled so far either with banner add, don't realy work or need posting to signup. I mannage to sucessfully try 2 host with banner adds which is byethost.com (Checked! It said no more banner adds, but I I'll check later) and php-something (I forgot, lol...)

Searching around, without realy intended to find anything, I stumbled upon 110mb.com. It says, free, no adds, supported by big company and som bla-bla stuff that I dont realy care to read at that time. But having nothing to do I sign up.

As It says...
  • 110 MB 2000 MB FREE Storage Space
  • Ultra-Fast Servers with Daily Backup of Your Data FREE!
  • PHP 5 FREE!
  • Live Support FREE!
  • Bandwidth: 3GB 100 GB FREE!
  • FTP +$5 FREE!
  • CGI, Perl, Python +$150 FREE!
  • Your Own Domain Hosting FREE!
  • 10 GB 100 GB FREE Monthly Bandwidth
  • SSI (Server Side Includes) FREE!
  • Tutorials on How To Build A Successful Site +$47 FREE!
  • NO popup, spam or ads ANYWHERE.
  • Apache Server FREE!
  • Support Tickets FREE!
  • MYSQL 5! FREE!

Everything looks prommising, A clean control panel, webbase file manager and ftp access, 10mb maximum file size. I check the forum up and it seems to be a very active one, with good support from the moderators. They even ask what we want to see in their service. I browse around and see good thing to come.

With high hope, I downloaded a copy of Wordpress cms and ftped it to the server. Well, It took hours to upload about 300 pieces of its file to the server with the slow connection I'm having now. And after a few time outs, reconnecting, I manage to get it all up and working.

I haven't realy use Wordpress actually, so I need some time getting to know it. I've browse around and thats end up yesterdays session.

Today, I've download a theme to be use on it. But jeng jeng jeng... The dark side of the webhost shows it self (or I thought so). It gives me to many time out when I tried to access the site which I don't have yesterday. The site is just like an old biscuits advert, "kejap ader, Kejap takder". I can't even log in through ftp. I don't realy know if it is the servers fault or my internet line is being a bi**h. I tried to use proxy and manage to get a couple of page opened from the site before it refuse to showed up on my browser again. Maybe it is my line's fault.

Back To the webhost, I think it's a good free webhost so far (taking the connection aside). Well, it's free, you shouldn't ask much. It probably host thousands of account on a server. Its good enought to serve updated php and mysql. So, I'll try to bare with it for a while (since I have to get the hang on Wordpress to).

Lastly said, its a good webhost, and I would recomend it to be tried if you are looking fo a free, addfree webhost.

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