2 days offline and a new blogger layout.

Due to some difficulties I had 2 days of network problem and I couldn't get online. And during those 2 days, I actually made another layout for blogger based on what I have made before this current layout. I have striped all the image from the layout and now its a fully Color Customiseble Layout. You can actually change almost all the color easyly in the "font and colors" tab in blogger control panel. But for now, only the colors. I haven't set so that it is font customiseble yet.

- Cor2upted Creation -
Name : Cooper Rat V2
Designer : vexedprob
URL : http://vexedprob.blogspot.com
Date : 17 Jan 2007
Email : cybersoul.ink(at)gmail.com
----------------------------------------------- */

This is how it looks so far...

I still got some error on it so I might be on it for a while even if the one I'm currently using isn't quite finished.

Pelawak Durja

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