My Vexing Layout.

Wargh... I should get a hold to my self. Can't I stay with a layout more than a month? I am now wondering how to organize the bottom black layer of this current layout (welcome the light) but I don't know what to do with it. I just felt something was wrong. And wondering the thing I should change, I just made a conclusion that I could just change everything.

A new layout. I wonder how should I do it. Should it be another single column layout or should I try to adopt phpnuke style and make it a 3 column layout. Or I could also made it 2 column above and one column at the bottom. Uhuk... To many choices, yet I am not "that" good. Can I really do the things that came in my mind? I wonder...

I am currently browsing zens garden layouts for "the road to enlightenment". Haha... Seriously some of the design there really is interesting.

But really, do I have the time to create a whole new design, or should I just alter my current one. But I think this layout is to bright for me... Wahahahahhaahhahaha *evil laugh*

Pelawak Durja

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