Rest in Peace

Rest, is it just a word or is it something we all do.
How will we know when we are resting?

Can we call that we are resting,
when we close at our eyes at night,
after a long, hard, rush day with unsolve problems wondering in minds,
troubling even in dreams,
turning them to nightmares,
bugging our sleeps,
provoking the peace from the only time we try to rest,
giving us neck pain,
making our head fill with unseen war,
shooting and bombing in the most silent way,
waking us up,
with the hope that the cool morning breeze could at least ease the pain,
so we can redo all the unwanted, yet compulsery thing, all over again.

May we all have eternal peace in rest in our eternal life after death...

Pelawak Durja

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